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PCA Dragon Boat Festival BBQ at Pen Park, Saturday, June 20, 2015

More than thirty attendees came together to celebrate this special day, with story-telling of the Dragon Boat Festival and a dazzling Dragon Dance by the Laughing Dragon Kung Fu Studio. We all enjoyed the dance and plenty of food including the signature “zongzi” for this particular day!

6.20.15 members two grill masters Aimei Callie SAM_1363 SAM_1358 SAM_1346 SAM_1360 SAM_1348 SAM_1359 SAM_1357 SAM_1355 SAM_1361 SAM_1356 SAM_1364 SAM_1367


Year of the Sheep (or Goat or Ram!) PCA New Year Dinner and Lantern Festival Celebration, Saturday, March 7, 2015

Due to the snow storm on the original event date, PCA members gathered on March 7 instead of an earlier scheduled date, and combined the celebration of the New Year Dinner with the Lantern Festival at Asian Fusion Buffet.  The Laughing Dragon Kung Fu Studio performed a marvelous Lion Dance.  Our very own little Sophia, Aimei and Callie presented a charming Silk Scarf Dance, and we all got to eat “tangyuan” as well! In addition to the photos below, please follow (copy and paste) the link below to see lots more of candid camera, thanks to members Stephanie and Chris:  https://plus.google.com/u/0/photos/112800552599975350024/albums/6123227871983497665

IMG_1605 IMG_1592 IMG_1597 IMG_1610 IMG_1612 IMG_1618 IMG_1619 IMG_1588 IMG_1622 IMG_1599 IMG_1632 IMG_1631 IMG_1645 IMG_1648 IMG_1638 IMG_1635 IMG_1633 IMG_1641  IMG_1630 IMG_1627


PCA hosted its annual Lunar New Year Fest on Saturday, February 22, 2014 in the Sears Court at the Fashion Square Mall.  The Lunar New Year Fest is organized by PCA, co-sponsored by the Asia Institute and East Asia Center, and assisted by the Chinese Students and Scholars Society, University of Virginia.

When:         Saturday, February 22, 2014, from 1 to 4 PM

Where:       Sears Court, Fashion Square Mall (map)

Radio station WINA (AM 1070) recently interviewed PCA member Maria Chee regarding the Chinese New Year including the cultural origin of the New Year, the introduction of the Year of the Horse (2014), and the announcement of the PCA Lunar  New Year Fest at Fashion Square Mall on Feb. 22. Here is a link to the interview.

Event Photos

LNY 2014-9LNY 2014-10LNY 2014-7 LNY 2014-8 LNY 2014-5 LNY 2014-6 LNY 2014-4 LNY 2014-3 LNY 2014-1 LNY 2014-2 LNY 2014-15 LNY 2014-16 LNY 2014-13 LNY 2014-14 LNY 2014-12 LNY 2014-11

PCA Lunar New Year Dinner
Where:  Hibachi Grill
When:  February 2, 2014

Dinner Photos:

SAM_1189 SAM_1190 SAM_1191 SAM_1196 SAM_1197 SAM_1199


Apple tasting and Professor Apple’s lecture on apple history and culture! Ascending a height at Monticello to commemorate the Chongyang Festival.
When: Saturday, October 26, 2013, 9:30 am – 11:30 am
Where: Monticello Tufton Farm nursery (map)
Ticket: $15

Event Photos
“It was very cold, but we had a wonderful time learning from Prof. Apple Tom Burford.”

photo 5 photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4

Romeo and Juliet: American Shakespeare Center’s 2013 production
When: September 14, 2013 (Saturday)
Where: Blackfriars Playhouse, 10 South Market Street, Staunton, VA 24401

Many thanks to Elke’s suggestions and Jasmine’s support, we are proposing an outing in September to Staunton’s Blackfriars Playhouse for a Shakespeare show Romeo and Juliet. The event would consist of carpooling to Staunton, a shared theater experience, and a dinner together. Please RSVP to Eva by August 24th to indicate your interest. We may get a group ticket discount if we have >15 participants for the event. If you are unable to join us this time, no worries, we are also considering an apple tasting event at Monticello in late October. Please feel free to email and indicate your interest.

Event Photos

Stauton3 Stauton7 Stauton1 Stauton6

PCA Dragon Boat Festival
When: June 2, 2013 (Sunday) @ 12:00 noon
Cost: Free for all members, $5 per person for non-member guests. One potluck item per person welcome!
Where: Shelter #2, Mint Spring Valley Park (6659 Mint Springs Park Road, Crozet, VA 22932)

1. Story telling – what is the origin of this 2,000-yr tradition? What are the symbolisms behind the four elements that constitute the festival activities? (Rob)
2. Zongzi – you can never go wrong with those very special and delicious rice dumpling treats. Master zongzi instructor in-house! (Lily’s mom :))
3. PCA Celebration Cake – let’s celebrate in unity our PCA community’s 14 years in the running!
4. Boats – we will have opportunities for kids and adults to get into the water and have a boat race if they are willing!
5. Dragon Dance – yes, this is for real, we will have a large home-crafted dragon at the event.
6. Dragon Painting Gallery – check out the creative works of our children and vote on your favorite paintings to be selected for a secret prize!!

Event Photos

IMG_0021 IMG_0024 IMG_0039 IMG_0038  IMG_0026
IMG_0029CA4M5EIP IMG_0036 IMG_0043 IMG_0041  13060017

“Deciduous Forests – The Virginia/China Connection”
 –a lecture co-hosted by PCA
When: April 4, 2013 (Thursday) @ 7:30pm
Where: St. Anne’s Belfield School – Greenway Rise Campus (2132 Ivy Rd, Charlottesville, VA 22903)

For generations, people have forged deep connections to these lands and waters, whether seeking outdoor recreation and spiritual rejuvenation, or livelihoods from forestry and farming. However, with the Central Appalachians in the shadows of so many major East Coast cities, development, demands for natural resources, and other mounting pressures are ushering in a new age of overwhelming change. The same is occurring with rapid speed in China.

The Nature Conservancy is helping China’s national government and People to achieve a sustainable balance for nature by reducing threats from development and climate change and introducing new conservation techniques such as economic opportunities for struggling communities.  

If you are interested in learning more about The Nature Conservancy’s efforts and achievements in Virginia and China, please click the links below:


Event Photos

image0 image1 image2 image21
image3 image4 image5 image6

The 2013 Lunar New Year Festival
When: February 23, 2013 (Saturday) 1-4 pm
Where: Fashion Square Mall, Sears Court

Booths will be ready for visitors at 1 p.m. Programs include chopsticks lessons and games, tea-tasting, name translation, Chinese calligraphy demonstration, paper-folding, paper-cutting, Chinese zodiac, face painting, raffle tickets and more.

Live performances start at 1:30 p.m. Programs include story telling, Wushu demonstration, traditional dances, Chinese opera, children’s performances, instrumental performances, Tai Chi demonstrations, etc.

See event flyer here.

Event photos

526329_509919169051636_1416685324_n 285711_509917429051810_845711609_n 33967_509917082385178_192452463_n 11639_509917789051774_1219701185_n
306159_509917695718450_871458361_n 601554_509918822385004_480401385_n 581801_509918005718419_1262077809_n 524690_509917932385093_863556323_n
421920_509918279051725_520481778_n 420247_509917262385160_1197686989_n 526185_509917475718472_652391616_n 524669_509917799051773_940695847_n
See the complete photo album here.

Thank You Lunch for Festival Working Committee Members
When: March 31 (Sunday), 12:30-1:30 pm
Where: The Sun residence

Event photos

thank u 3 thank u 5 thank u 6

Lunar New Year 2013 Dinner
When: February 10, 2013 (Sunday) @ 6 PM; Festivities begin at 5:30 PM
Where: Peter Chang’s China Grill

PCA is pleased to support Jefferson-Madison Regional Library’s “The Big Read”, a program funded by the National Endowment for Arts (for more information see end of the section). We are inviting members of PCA and The Big Read to celebrate Chinese New Year together! The dinner will be buffet style and can accommodate up to 50 guests. The custom of the Red Envelope or hóngbāo ( 利市 / 利是 ) will be performed to the delight of our young ones.

Please note that the Big Read TV ad that PCA supported will air from Feb 20 to the end of March on the Charlottesville Newsplex stations  — local, CBS, ABC and Fox!! Here is a first peek at the video:http://newsplex.wcav.tv/sales/?v=9836. Our members Michelle, Junlan, Ella, and Callie are featured on the opening theme — how awesome! ^ ^

Big Read

Event Photos 


Our member Chris took numerous great pictures at the event (click here for the whole album). Below are some samples:

IMG_2682 IMG_2678 IMG_2800 IMG_2719
IMG_2760 IMG_2766 IMG_2767 IMG_2813

Yoke San and Bruce Reynolds Tribute
When: October 20, 2012 (Saturday) @ 5:30 pm
Where: Su Residence

As many of you already know, our past PCA president Yoke San Reynolds is retiring from UVA in May. It is our honor to offer a party for Yoke San and Bruce Reynolds this fall to recognize their years of involvement and support for PCA.

Some fun facts about Yoke San:
Originally from Singapore, Reynolds holds master’s degrees in economics and a diploma from the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto. Reynolds was the first Asian-American Vice President at U.Va. and the first woman Vice President for Financial Affairs at both Cornell University and U.Va. Former employees have noted that she has served as a powerful role model for women in the financial field and achieved high levels of success despite the fact that she started her professional career nearly 20 years after her peers, taking time off to raise her young children.

Click here for a full news article about Yoke San.

Event photos


Duanwu zongzi potluck
When: June 23, 2012 (Saturday) @ 6:30 pm
Where: Greenbrier elementary school outdoor shelter

This year’s dragon boat festival falls on the 23rd of June. The festival, also called Duanwu (端午节), is a favorite holiday for everyone to eat zongzi (粽子) and commemorate the great poet Qu Yuan (屈原), who lived around 300 BCE during the Warring States period.

*** PCA would like to invite you to the Duanwu zongzi potluck on Saturday 6/23 @ 6:30pm at an outdoor location. ***

At the event, we will provide zongzi and bottled water for all participating members. We will also arrange a short story telling session for children and adults, who are interested in the history of the festival and the stories of the Warring Sates period. You will only need to bring some typical potluck items for everyone to share.

This is going to be a warm event for us to get together, enjoy the companionship, and pass on a cultural heritage we all hold dearly to our hearts.

Event photos

Strawberry Picking
When: May 19, 2012 (Saturday) @ 2:00 pm
Where: Chiles Peach Orchard (http://www.chilespeachorchard.com)

Please mark your calendar for a strawberry picking event on May 19th! Chiles Peach Orchard has around 4 acres of strawberries, a farmers market, and an ice cream parlor. Many of our members have visited the location in the past. According to a recent member comment, “eating the fresh strawberries after picking them yourself is as good as it gets!”

Event photos


The 2012 Lunar New Year Festival
When: February 25, 2012 (Saturday) 1-4 pm
Where: Fashion Square Mall, J.C. Penney court

Our Lunar New Year Festival this year will be on Saturday, Feb. 25, 1-4 p.m., at the Fashion Square Mall (J.C. Penney court)! Please find attached the festival flyer – let’s plan on attending the event ourselves and sharing the information with all of our friends around town!

Some “insider” stories about the event:

1) The programs that I-Jen prepared for us this year include a lion dance group coming all the way from Richmond and children’s performances that feature poem recitation, magic shows, and possibly even tap dance!

2) Because of Yoke San’s persistence, Satyendra Huja, Mayor of Charlottesville, has adjusted his schedule in order to attend our event. What an honor!

3) Maria is hard at work (as always!) in pooling all the members and students together to volunteer for the festival and making the event operations smooth and orderly.

4) By next year, thanks to David’s efforts, we may be able to propose adding a festival booth that is dedicated to Chinese medicine.

Let’s look forward to an exciting and fulfilling day on Feb. 25th!

Event photos/videos

*Watch a short lion dance video*


Lunar New Year 2012 Dinner
When: February 4, 2012 (Saturday) @ 6 pm
Where: Taste of China Restaurant

In response to popular demand, PCA is organizing a New Year dinner on the evening of Saturday, February 4th, 6 pm, at Taste of China. PCA members’ families and friends are welcome. We will arrange all menu items in advance.  All diners present will share the total cost; children from 6-12 eat half price, and children under 6 eat free! Last year it ran about $15 per adult. All attending children will receive a red envelope from PCA. Please send your RSVP to Rand Hilgart at rhilgart05@gmail.com before Monday, January 31st with the total number of adults and children (with ages indicated) so we can make reservations at the restaurant and set the menu. Many thanks and hope to see you at the dinner!

BBQ for the Double Nine Festival
When: October 8, 2011 (Saturday)
Where: Shelter One, Mint Spring Valley Park of Crozet


Dim Sum/Dragon Boat Race
When: July 30, 2011 (Saturday)
Where: Richmond, VA

1. Dim Sum at 11 am at the Full Kee Restaurant, no host; approximately $15 per adult depending on your appetite
2. Subsequent Dragon Boat race viewing in Richmond

Dumpling Party and Zongzi Lesson
When: May 7, 2011 (Saturday) 5-8 pm
Where: Gu Residence

Come make dumplings for your dinner and learn how to make “zongzi.” Thanks to Joy and Shawn for their hospitality. Many thanks to Shuchen–she will teach those interested how to make zongzi for the Dragon Boat Festival as others make dumplings.

PCA will provide all ingredients plus veggies (separate pot of ground pork and ground chicken for those who don’t eat pork), you please bring your hands and mouths.  Since we will be busy preparing the ingredients (buy, chop, mince, and mix for your to wrap) with little time to prepare desserts, you are welcome to bring desserts if you have a sweet tooth but it is not mandatory!

The 2011 Lunar New Year Festival
When: February 26, 2011 (Saturday)
Where: Fashion Square Mall

Lunar New Year 2011, Year of the Rabbit, fell on February 3, 2011. PCA hosted a special festival in the Fashion Square Mall of Charlottesville on February 26, 2011 (Saturday). The event was sponsored by the East Asia Center of the University of Virginia.

Exhibit booths and activities started at 1 pm; story-telling and live performances started at 1:30 pm. You can see the complete program here.

The festival was a huge success again. See below for some of the highlights.


Lunar New Year Eve 2011 Dinner
When: February 5, 2011 (Saturday)
Where: local Chinese restaurant

A New Year Eve dinner was held for PCA members’ families and friends at a local Chinese restaurant in Charlottesville at 5:00 pm, Saturday, February 5, 2011. Participating adults shared the total cost and children ate free.  All attending children received a red-pocket from PCA.

Dragon Boat Festival
When: June 20, 2010 (Sunday)
Where: Mint Springs Valley Park

PCA Dragon Boat Festival picnic and barbecue at Mint Springs Valley Park, June 20, 2010

Dumpling Party
When: April 3, 2010 (Saturday)
Where: Ould Residence

On Saturday, April 3, 2010 PCA held a dumpling party to thank members and friends who assisted with the Lunar New Year Fest. PCA provided the ingredients, vegetable side dishes and dessert, and attendees wrapped their own dumplings for dinner. Member Tom Leland delivered a show-and-tell after-dinner talk about his recent trip to Nanning, China.  Thanks to member Dennis Ould and family for hosting the party at their residence.

Lunar New Year Festival 2010
When: February 14, 2010 (Saturday)
Where: Fashion Square Mall

In order to celebrate Lunar New Year 2010 (Year of the Tiger), which fell on February 14, 2010, PCA and two co-sponsors hosted a special festival in the Fashion Square Mall of Charlottesville on February 20, 2010 (Saturday).

Exhibit booths and activities started at 1 pm; story-telling and live performances started at 1:30 pm. You can see the complete program here.

Just like last year, the festival was a huge success. Eric Ren took several pictures and uploaded them here.

Below are some other pictures depicting activities at the booths.

Lunar New Year Festival 2009
When: February 7, 2009 (Saturday)
Where: Fashion Square Mall

Thanks to the hard work of PCA members, the festival was a huge success.
Take a look at Mike Min’s fabulous pictures here:

You can view the program here.

Sample pictures from the 2009 event: